Sustainable Delivery of Speech-Language Therapy Services in Small Island Developing States Using Information and Communication Technology – A Study of the Maldives

Mariyam Z. Zahir, Anna Miles, Linda Hand, Elizabeth C. Ward


Small Island Developing States (SIDS), a subgroup of Majority world countries, face complex challenges providing equitable access to speech-language therapy (SLT) services. Increasing use of information and communication technology (ICT) to enhance SLT services is seen in the Minority world. This study explored the potential of using ICT to provide sustainable SLT services in one SIDS, the Maldives. A mixed method approach was used integrating data from (a) 21 online documents, (b) interview with an ICT official, and (c) surveys of 13 island councillors and 73 parents of children with communication difficulties. Almost 100% of the population had access to mobile phones and mobile broadband internet. Most parents were active and frequent ICT users. The government provided financial aid for people with disabilities which could be utilised to access ICT for services. Asynchronous service delivery using accessible ICT and parents as agents of service delivery can potentially enhance SLT services.


Children; Information and communication technology; Majority world countries; Service delivery; Speech-language therapy; Underserved communities


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