State Occupational and Physical Therapy Telehealth Laws and Regulations: A 50-State Survey

Randal Trey Bierman, Mei Wa Kwong, Christine Calouro


The Center for Connected Health Policy conducted a scan of current state policy affecting occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT) practice, supervision, and additional requirements for using telehealth. While most states have established telehealth policies for other health care professions, this 50-state scan shows that many states made some reference to telehealth practice for OT (37 states) and PT (40 states). The states that adopted these policies also tended to adopt them in either law or regulation, but not both, and showed no discernable patterns favoring either. Additionally, eight states included OT and PT within telehealth laws that concurrently apply to multiple health professions. More commonly, states enacted policy within laws or regulations specific to OT and PT. Most policies including limitations on telehealth practice for OT and PT did not appear to create requirements that are more restrictive than what is generally seen in telehealth across all states.


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